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Wedding Information

We offer both Traditional or Highlight Wedding Video Productions with raw footage. We will be happy to discuss the differences between the two and find out what will work best for you.

Your videographer will arrive at the event site fully equipped with all of the professional gear necessary to do a top professional job. You can feel comfortable and worry free concerning the video. With our many years of experience to draw upon we can handle any situation that may arise. You can add your own personal touch with your choice of graphics,music and many extras that can be added to your production.

                                                               Extra's to add on to your production

Add custom introduction photographs (Growing Up) or (Love Story) you can even include live video clips of your own. You can start your growing up production from baby pictures or any age that you prefer. We have two different methods of constructing the growing up section.

1-All of the Bride's pictures then all of the Groom's pictures then a group of both of you together while dating.

2-Going back and forth between Bride and Groom pictures up to the dating segment.

Your Love Story intro can be all pictures that you supply or a combination of your pictures,our pictures and video clips. We edit utilizing special creative filters, slow motion video clips and of course soft music of your choice.

                       (Wedding Party Credits)

You give us up to 20 names to place at the end of the video for a classic ending. Each wedding credits production is custom designed with your choice of graphics.

                        (Full Length Video Recap)

Your entire day is transformed into a short 12 to 18 minute film, with the two of you as the stars.

We also offer a shorter version of our recap that ends at the introduction of the Bride and Groom at the reception. (Mini Recap)

Our full length and mini recaps are for Traditional Wedding video productions.

                         (The Honeymoon Ending )

Bring your pictures and video clips back with you from your trip, and let us edit it all together to make a memorable ending production that you will treasure.

Custom Designed DVD case and matching graphics on the disc surface

Please contact us with any questions about our services. We will do our part to make your Wedding Day as perfect as possible.

From The Owner of - JD Video Productions

    John DeVitis

Thank you for considering JD video productions to film edit and produce your dvd or bluray Wedding. I have been serving Central PA couples since 1995 and have filmed hundreds of weddings over the years.

I set my pricing as fairly as I can, considering how many hours of coverage, one or more cameras, one or more videographers and approximately how many hours of editing will be involved in the production. Many other extra’s  can be added to any of my packages for a very reasonable price. I don’t believe in adding things into a package that you may not necessarily want, but wind up paying for.

Experience is very important for you to consider, unfortunately so many things can go wrong at a wedding. The schedule can change, there could be equipment problems, just to name a few. Having a very experienced videographer that has seen it all and gone through it before and has the knowledge and temperament to handle whatever comes up is invaluable.

Beware of  reviews online, Couples should review samples of a companies work and talk to the videographer to make sure that they are getting exactly what they want. Don't put a lot of stock into questionable reviews to make your decision.

I have never solicited a review. Everything that you see on my reference review page is without my contacting or enticing my customers. They were just happy to do it on their own accord because they were  pleased with my work. I have folders full of thank you cards and emails from my customers over the years and I am proud to let my new customers look at them anytime.

My package prices include all the editing necessary to hand my couples a fully edited DVD with all the custom artwork on the disc and dvd case.

When it comes to editing I am very meticulous with color, sound, brightness levels and effects. I thoroughly enjoy my creative time editing, it’s a labor of love. Every Wedding is it’s own entity with completely different settings and people with different personalities to capture.

You can get involved with how your Wedding is put together. Any special request from my couples is welcomed. I also extend that offer to how your Wedding is filmed. I start to film where and what time after discussing it with you to find out what will fulfill your expectations for the video.

If that personal touch with attention to details  is important to you, then trust in my professional creative skills to give you a video that you will treasure.  

Wedding Video Production info