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From: Mia Mavros <>

Date: July 23, 2013 11:23:07 PM EDT


Subject: Thank you for our wedding video!!

Hello John! I am so sorry it has taken me this long to write this letter.  I asked for your email address ages ago.  I hope you remember me! You did the video for my wedding on May 11, 2013 and you did an absolutely amazing job!  You really went above and beyond to make sure you captured every moment.  The way you panned the outside of the church prior to the ceremony, and how you did not miss any of the ceremony, or any speech.  I made a comment to my mother in law that  someday our kids will be able to relive our wedding day! The testimonials were great, and I appreciate you doing that as know it took some coaching to get some people on there. If you remember from the wedding day, my dad was ill.  Unfortunately, he has been ill since the wedding and is still in the hospital.  There was one point where he couldn't speak during his recovery, and I brought him a copy of our wedding DVD and he watched his speech and our father/daughter dance over and over again.  It really brightened his spirits.  Thank you for capturing such a wonderful day for us.  We honestly could not have asked for anything more!! You even pleased my mother in law (which speaking from experience is not easy to do! lol) On top of your great work, you were so polite and so pleasant throughout the whole day, and we really appreciated your patience when we asked you to stay an extra hour.  We were also very pleased with the music choices you made on the video.  It was so thoughtful of you to put the Greek music on there for us.  Thank you so much again for the amazing job you did! 



Best wishes always,

Mia Mavros

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